Writing words to win you over by... (x_dont_stare_x) wrote,
Writing words to win you over by...

it's all about the synth in the 80s ballads I can't stop listening to. it's all about not feeling Christmassy but still being so excited about the fact it's 2days away! it's all about that text - 3 weeks later and still as excited. it's all about seeing the people i've not seen in months and months and realising that you missed them more than you thought you had (DEBORAH - THAT'S YOU). it's all about a massive overdraft but good, good presents for your family. it's all about missing my Spaz and looking forward to our Christmas night out. it's all about my girl smiling at last :) it's all about the nipple tassles. BUT MORE THAN ANYTHING, it's all about NPL with those two girls without whom, I'd be lost!

fucking time of my life!

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