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[25 Aug 2008|04:57pm]
it's not getting any better.
i wish i could tell you.

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[15 Jul 2008|06:49pm]
i don't know what's inside your head, but hey! what's new. inside mine is your offer. just swirling around like its the only thing i have to think about. i may actually take you up on it. i just might!

i'm too emotional for my own good at this moment in time, and it seems i've burned too many bridges in the past year, despite my thinking it was okay. silly, silly girl.

some things never change!

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[05 May 2008|04:14pm]
I wished with all my heart this would happen. Now it's happening and all I can do is cry and wish I had the power in me to stop it.
You don't want to see me because you know it'll crush you, and I hope more than anything it does because then I'd at least be in with a chance of not losing you for good.

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[17 Apr 2008|12:40am]
2 years and all it comes down to is an email telling me you had good times but really, you need to be on your own. not even a phonecall, an email.

happy fucking anniversary, ally. i hope you choke and fucking die.
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[02 Apr 2008|02:35am]
i feel sick because i wish more than anything i was away. i feel sick because all i want is perfection. i feel sick because all i have is a massive, massive mess.

saturday? i wouldn't take it back in a second, i just want you to not make this so hard.

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[25 Mar 2008|02:57pm]
Recently it's been about:

hating fat slags.
rekindling long, lost friendships.
staying in bed til ridiculous hours in the afternoon.
getting plastered.
resolving issues from the past.
working like a beast.
loving him more than ever.
art school with the spaz.
missing my friends far too much.
day dreaming about the future and our Beatles kitchen.
my little world.

s'been pretty good like.
twinkle twinkle

[15 Mar 2008|01:07am]
part of me wishes that I was still in 5th year at school, riddled with glandular fever just so I could stay home in my wee cacoon and watch donnie darko every day. then i wouldn't need to care anymore.

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[19 Feb 2008|05:30pm]
Yesterday I could have strangled you with rage. Today kind of puts things in perspective and I know I won't be able to face the next week or so without you. I'm so scared, and I know you are too but it'll be okay, I promise.

Just so you know, my beautiful girl, I know nothing will take the hurt away but I love you very very much and I'm always here for a cuddle. I won't tiptoe around you, I'll say vulgar and often inappropriate things which I know will eventually make you laugh - even if you cry first. Just pick up the phone if you need an ear or a shoulder.

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[10 Jan 2008|10:19pm]
2008 was destined for big things. Instead it's all about broken promises and taking things slowly.

it'll be hard but i'm pretty sure it'll be fucking worth it. If not, there's always next year.

twinkle twinkle

[02 Jan 2008|12:47am]
I think for the first time in my life, I was sad leaving a year behind. Good things happened last night, and it was spent in the company of the best people. Hopefully, that's a good sign.

Happy New Year though.

I love you.

twinkle twinkle

[23 Dec 2007|11:20pm]
it's all about the synth in the 80s ballads I can't stop listening to. it's all about not feeling Christmassy but still being so excited about the fact it's 2days away! it's all about that text - 3 weeks later and still as excited. it's all about seeing the people i've not seen in months and months and realising that you missed them more than you thought you had (DEBORAH - THAT'S YOU). it's all about a massive overdraft but good, good presents for your family. it's all about missing my Spaz and looking forward to our Christmas night out. it's all about my girl smiling at last :) it's all about the nipple tassles. BUT MORE THAN ANYTHING, it's all about NPL with those two girls without whom, I'd be lost!

fucking time of my life!

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[15 Dec 2007|02:45am]
plans that probably will never happen, but make me smile all the while.
excitement for the amazing, amazing things to come.
my favourite people in my favourite places.
butterflies for what might or might never be!

I might not feel Christmassy but I'm a fucking soppy cunt so I guess everything's kinda okay :)

twinkle twinkle

[26 Nov 2007|11:41pm]
My fingers were crossed but still no luck!
If it's meant to be, it'll be, but I know I'd prefer a bit of voodoo.

twinkle twinkle

[20 Oct 2007|12:31pm]
You're timing is always impecible.
And my heart, I guess you'll always break it.

You always feel so lucky when it's all falling down.

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[10 Aug 2007|02:23pm]
If I could do one near perfect thing, I'd be happy. They'd write it on my grave or when they scatter my ashes. On second thought's I'd rather hang around and be there with my best friend if she wants me!

Miss Duffy, I LOVE YOU :)

twinkle twinkle

[09 Aug 2007|01:42pm]
The hardest part about going on holiday for so long, is knowing that I'm leaving you behind! I wish you'd drop it all and come away with me! I promise that if you do, I won't cry anymore.

2 star s twinkle twinkle

[21 Jul 2007|02:57pm]
I want in, like a substitute
I've been working awful hard for you
But you don't say, you just hold your breath
So I can't touch what I haven't yet
She's a poor one and it hurts me so
And it's a dark path and a heck of a cold
And she can feel me like she did before

Oh we'd be so free
Happy alone
Sharing a smile
So far from home

Push in and I pull it away
It a hard part but the true love way
Girl you're wanted like a wanted man
With your smart mouth and your killer hands
With a potion oh that I have made
For a young man its a heck of a wage
And i feel crazy when I see your face

Coz we'd be so free!

I swear to god, I'm eating myself alive and you don't know, you honestly don't know that it's all for you! They ask me how I do it and I don't know what to say! I'm so fed up of all this confusion but I'm so scared to ask what you want from me because I fear (know) that it'll not be the answer I want. I love you. I love you. I love you.

You're beauty, it still brings me to my knees.

twinkle twinkle

[08 Jul 2007|01:55am]
After spending the past three days with you, I don't even know where my head is at. I do know that I love you more than I can comprehend and I'm so glad you're in my life. I hate you for all of this but I was so sad leaving you. I really, really do love you though.

Thank you.

twinkle twinkle

[03 Jul 2007|01:33pm]
I could infact pee myself!
Thank you mum ♥

1 star twinkle twinkle

[02 Jul 2007|01:47pm]
"sorry" and "i love you".
Say it all you want.
Say it til you're blue in the face.
Nothing that comes out of your mouth means very much to me anymore.
I hope you dislike yourself as much as I dislike you because you don't deserve anything more, from anyone.

twinkle twinkle

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